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PS9000 Series |
Polycarbonate Wall & Roofing System

The D8 Aluminum PS9000 Series Polycarbonate Wall and Roofing System is a multi-wall panel system that provides light control while remaining aesthetically pleasing throughout the years. It provides energy savings needed for sustainable projects, resulting in LEED points through the allowance of natural daylight into buildings.

The PS9000 Series Polycarbonate Wall and Roofing System comes with an industry standard factory warranty.



High performance system Superior resistance to air and water intrusion
Fast installation Overall cost savings in the field
Double-sided UV protection Superior ultraviolet radiation protection
Cut-to-size panels Configurable to accommodate design specifications
Custom painted and anodized finishes Wide variety of finishes to accommodate design specifications and customer needs

Performance Data

Air @ 6.24 PSF  |  Per ASTM E-283 0.01 cfm/ft2
Water  |  Per ASTM E-331 15 psf
Light Transmission 15% - 50% depending on color


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